Drivers still facing messy road conditions in Wichita

(KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas–  Wichita roads are slowly improving, but some people having to drive in the messy conditions say they could be a whole lot better.

“I just think the streets are horrible and they can be better,” said Ronetta Clement, frustrated driver. “I’m wondering is our city on a budget or something?”

Some Wichita drivers like Ronetta Clement says she is frustrated and fed up with the City of Wichita after having to travel on roads that are still snow packed.

“Get more people out here if they have to hire more people,” said Clement.

But city leaders argue they are doing everything in their power to get the roads cleared up fast.

Crews have been working 24-hour shifts to clear the snow since last week.

“Wichita is a great city so you know they do their best and everything,” said Matthew Clare, driver. “I can’t complain. I understand the weather is crazy and fluctuate.”

“I would leave the door open for all possibilities,” said Joe Pajor, Deputy Director of Public Works and Utilities. “We always want to learn as much as we can from every snow and ice event.”

“I think they can at least get some truck down on the roads and scrape off a little better,” said Kim Markley, frustrated driver. “So at least when the sun does come out it can melt some of the ice and snow off.”

The city was faced with a salt shortage, but with the problem now corrected some are left wondering if the problem ever went away in the first place.

“I’m from Indiana and I heard from someone we were talking with the the other day,” said Markley. “I remember the roads being cleared within a couple of days maybe they’re use to having more salt back home?”

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