Update: Victim of homicide at radio station identified

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police say a man who was killed at a Wichita communications building worked for the company.

Police identified the victim found at Steckline Communications as 25-year-old Daniel J. Flores, a Derby native. Steckline operates the Mid America Ag News Network and several radio stations.

“It’s just hard to understand how something like this could happen to such a good kid,” said Bill Ross, the head wrestling coach at Derby High School.

Flores was one of Ross’s former wrestlers who he described as upbeat and a good kid.

“He always had a smile on his face, he was always willing to help people and just always had a great attitude and was a hard worker,” said Ross.

Flores was a two-sport athlete at Derby and represented the Panthers both on the gridiron and on the wrestling mat.

“I tell you what, a bunch of his teammates were around the mat, and when he got his first win, the crowd just went crazy,” said Ross. “It sounded like he was at the Super Bowl, it was so loud in the gym. It was unbelievable.”

Flores got a communications degree at Kansas State and he returned to the Wichita area where he was employed at Steckline Communications. He worked behind the scenes and had been there for around two years.

An employee of the company found Flores’ body early Monday. Police say he died of blunt force trauma, and there were signs of a struggle.

“Two employees found some things disturbed upstairs, thought that there may be a burglary at the business. They checked the business and walked downstairs where they located the victim,” said Lt. Todd Ojile with the Wichita Police Department.

Police say they believe the killer was focused on someone or something at the business. Ojile says several doors lead into the building and police found no signs of forced entry. He says it’s unclear if Flores was the intended target.

“All the doors were secured upon us checking them, but I don’t know how the individual got into the building,” added Ojile.

Officers are still processing the scene and no one has been arrested.

Coach Ross says that many people in Derby are in shock over what happened.

“I didn’t know anybody that ever had a problem with Daniel in high school. Everybody seemed to rotate around him, and just a great personality. Great kid.”



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