Concerns of frozen pipes during frigid temperatures

WICHITA, Kansas – Fixing a broken pipe can cost homeowners anywhere between a few hundred or thousands of dollars depending on the damage, but local plumbers say there are some tips that can help prevent the damage.

“I’ve been frustrated,” said Ruth Rushing, homeowner. “I’ll put it that way.”

Homeowner Ruth Rushing woke up one morning to go use her bathroom only to find out the hard way that her drain line was frozen.

“The water backed up so it froze there,” said Rushing. “It caused the back up into my toilet and bathtub.”

Rushing was left cleaning up the mess and had to call a plumber to help fix the problem.

“Every time she ran water it was freezing up in one spot that had bad grade to it,” said Corey Horne, plumber.

Corey Horne spent nearly an hour working to thaw out the pipe, but says problems with drain lines are usually pretty rare.

“Drain lines don’t normally clog up as much as water lines,” said Horne. “Most of the water lines are clogging up right now because of the sub freezing temperatures.”

The plumbing company has been working around the clock to fix frozen water pipes. Horne says the frigid temperatures can cause your pipes to burst if it does not have the proper insulation or protection.

“Homeowners that have you skirting around the house or have a crawl space just make sure there’s no open vents,” said Horne. “A lot of times people will leave those open over the summer, but during the winter you want to make sure it’s blocked so no cold air gets in and freezes the pipes and causes the problems.”

Not only is it best to check on those open vents, Horne also recommends leaving your faucet dripping just by a little bit to keep your pipes from freezing.

“One of the things I always tell people is know where your main shut off valve is to your house because if a pipe does break that’s going to lessen the damage that’s done to your house,” said Horne.

Rushing tells KSN she ended up paying around $165 for the drain line repairs.

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