Snow removal keeps locals busy

Snow Removal - KSN File Photo

WICHITA, Kansas — The snow has stopped falling for now but the cleanup is far from over.

Small businesses are still clearing the snow from residential driveways and sidewalks.

Local businesses see this snow as an opportunity to make money by charging for snow removal services but for others it is just a chance to help out a neighbor who can’t get the work done themselves.

“A lot of calls. A lot of appointments that were previously set up so a lot of work right now,” said Jacob Crowley with Four Season Land Care.

He says he is just trying to catch a break and has been working to keep up with the demand that started ever since the snow stopped falling.

Crowley received 24 calls in just one day for plowing driveways and sidewalks. He says he has been working 12 hour shifts and late into the evening the next day to get the job done. He hasn’t had to call in for additional help yet but that could change.

“I’m looking forward to another round of snow next week, hopefully,” said Crowley. “This is what you kind of budget on.”

Sonny Bell and Jerry Marks are two other individuals that help with snow removal in the community but their work is at no charge they say.

“Anytime they need help we try to help them,” said Bell.

“Me, myself and Jerry Marks. We usually come and shovel the sidewalks for the congregation to get in and out of the church without falling,” said Bell.

Both men are part of the New Hope Baptist Church and volunteer their time after every snow fall.

“God pays us. We do this for the church not to gain no recognition, pay me or nothing. All in due time the Lord pays us,” said Bell.

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