Man jumps on hood attempting to stop carjacking

(KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas — Thursday morning there was a residential robbery where a vehicle was taken near the 6400 block of West Hollywood in Wichita.

The victim’s car was stolen while he was inside his house letting his car warm up. The man realized the theft and saw his car being taken down the street.

In a means to stop the hijacking, the man chased after the car and jumped on the hood. The vehicle stopped and a second suspect was waiting inside another car. The second suspect fired a shot at the victim and then both suspects fled the scene in both cars.

The victim’s car is a dark blue chevy monte carlo and the second suspect’s vehicle is a gold mazda. Both suspects are described as 25 years old and white males.

“Well obviously someone was watching the vehicle, and leaving your vehicle to warm up without being attended is dangerous,” said Lt. Doug Nolte. “We certainly don’t want people to stop the vehicle by jumping on a hood. That is going to be dangerous.”

The gunshot did not injure the victim.

If you have any details or information please contact the Wichita Police Department.

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