Garden City Forecast

Current Forecast for Southwest Kansas

The KSN Storm Tracker 3 Forecast from Meteorologist Leon Smitherman:

Today: Patchy fog, then becoming sunny with a few high clouds, warm. Hi: 85 Wind: SW 5-15
Tonight: Clear and cool. Lo: 51 Wind: S 5-15
Tomorrow: Sunny and warm. Hi: 85 Lo: 53 Wind: S 5-15

Southwest Weekly

Sun: Hi: 85 Lo: 52 Partly cloudy and warm.
Mon: Hi: 70 Lo: 41 Partly cloudy, cooler.
Tue: Hi: 61 Lo: 38 Partly cloudy, cooler. Maybe a shower.
Wed: Hi: 68 Lo: 40 Partly cloudy, milder.
Thu: Hi: 66 Lo: 40 Partly cloudy, mild.
Fri: Hi: 64 Lo: 38 Partly cloudy, cooler.