Driver says diarrhea prevented her from helping pedestrian

ORO VALLEY, New Mexico (KVOA) – A 92 year old driver who authorities say fled the scene of an accident Saturday, after hitting a pedestrian is facing additional charges.

On top of leaving the scene of an accident, Persis Draper of Oro Valley is charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and failure to control speed. The crash happened at La Cholla and Magee.

The woman she’s accused of hitting, is now home from the hospital, and recovering.

The posted speed limit is 45, but instead of yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk deputies say the victim was hit at 45 miles an hour.

Dori Stolmaker says, “My hip hurts, my shoulder hurts, everything just hurts, it’s just sore, just sore.”

“I was struck from behind,” says Stolmaker, “so my hands hit the ground first, so that’s why my elbow got the brunt of everything, because I went down on my arms.”

She says the impact flipped her around like a rag doll. She was still in the crosswalk but facing oncoming traffic.

“My next thought was, now I’m really going to get hit,” she says.

Passerbys helped direct traffic and keep her calm until medics arrived. The 92-year-old driver, who investigators say hit her in a Lincoln Town Car, fled the scene according to deputies.

Persis Draper says that a case of diarrhea prevented her from staying. Once home, so upset, instead of calling 911 she says she took a sleeping pill and woke up to deputies knocking at her door.

A witness, who Stolmaker calls an ‘angel’ saw the crash, took down key information and reported it.

“And they gave the plate number to cops, and she was arrested,” says Stolmaker.

When asked what she’d want the good Samaritan to know? Stolmaker replied, “Thank you so much, obviously this woman should not be driving anymore.”

Draper tells me, she’s not your typical 92-year-old and plans to continue driving. Although the state will have the final say.

As for Stolmaker, she’s hoping to heal quickly. Running and kickboxing are her passions.

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