City reminds residents about fines after winter whiteout

WICHITA, Kansas – Homeowners get a shovel and get to work. If you do not, you may pay a fine of upwards of $75.

The city says it’s against rules to leave the sidewalks a mess even in these frigid temperatures.

“This has been, what, three days? And they’re still not shoveled? Somebody does not care,” said Joe, Wichita resident.

The city agrees and says residents need to get on it.

“City ordinance, does provide that the abutting property owner, is required to keep snow and ice off the sidewalks adjacent to their property,” said Joe Pajor, Wichita Public Works.

Pajor says it’s a misdemeanor and the real impetus is liability issues for everyone involved.

The Kansas Highway Patrol is reminding those, who had car problems, to get it off the side of the road within 48 hours, or the car will be towed at your expense.

“We may tow it just because it’s a hazard for snow removal. It may be interfering with our operations because we’ve checked on that ditch so many times, that we’re devoting resources to check on it,” said Trooper Gary Warner, Kansas Highway Patrol.

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