Weather hinders Meals on Wheels

The dangerous driving conditions in Wichita kept Meals on Wheels from delivering food to the elderly for two days.

Volunteers resumed their service today and found some very grateful seniors.

It’s a labor of love that gets a little more difficult in the winter.

“This sort of weather is really hard on a delivery operation,” said Heather Bankampen, one of the volunteer drivers.

Meals on wheels relies on volunteer drivers to get hot meals out to the seniors it serves in Wichita.

“We have right at 70 routes that we need to fill every day,” said Sherri Flippo, the Social Service Director for Meals on Wheels.

But a lot of the volunteers are also seniors. With health issues of their own and getting out in the winter weather Kansas had this week just isn’t an option.

“When the roads are icy and the snow piles up it’s very difficult for those individuals to get out to deliver,” said Flippo. “So basically we had to cancel two days in a row this week.”

Heather has been volunteering for meals on wheels every Thursday for the last three years. Through good weather and bad and she says the effort is worth the time out of her day.

“It’s the best part of my day,” said Bankampen.

But without more people like Heather the meals might have to stop when cold weather hits.

“I think we all understand basic nutrition and that meal can make all the difference,” said Bankampen.

Meals on Wheels is always looking for volunteer drivers whether it’s one day a week or every day.

To sign up to help with Meals on Wheels follow this link.

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