How to get a grip on the roads

WICHITA, Kansas — All of the snow on the roads has made driving more challenging. While some are cleared, others remain snow packed and icy, giving your tires a real workout.

Tire shops say they’re getting busy with folks looking to get better traction.

Wesley Grimes at the tire store on south Broadway says they’ve fixed a few tires over the past few days.

“Slow down. First thing is always slow down,” said Grimes.

They expect more people needing repairs or new tires once more cars are out on the roads this weekend.

“We’re starting to see a lot of people come in that have tires on that are below safe limits for them to be driving in conditions like this,” said Lyle Brumbaugh at Holleicke Perrin Tire.

Brumbaugh says the changing temperatures can change the air pressure in your tires too, making them wear faster.

“If the tire is over inflated or under inflated you’re not going to have a full foot print of the tire on the ground which is where your traction comes from,” said Brumbaugh.

Grimes also said that getting your tires on a good maintenance plan is key in staying safe.

“Tires and windshields are two of your most important things on your car. You gotta be able to see where you’re going and you gotta be able to start and stop,” said Grimes.

The easiest way to check your tires is the “penny test”. Just put an upside-down penny into the tread of your tire. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head then your tread is worn and it is time to replace your tires.

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