City still dealing with icy streets

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita residents are still dealing with icy streets, and by now, the city says Mother Nature usually takes care of some of the melting.

“It’s been there long enough now, it’s compacted enough now that getting effective melting and clearing of the pavement is going to be more challenging,” said Joe Pajor, Wichita Public Works Department. “We’re looking at the forecast over the weekend and early next week to figure out when is the best time to transition to the salt sand that we have available today to improve road conditions.”

The city says they are going to have to fight their way back to get the streets cleared.

They say as temperatures improve, the salt sand mix becomes more effective.

“The salt’s effectiveness depends on the temperature, and there’s not a cutoff point. As temperatures drop lower, the salt becomes less and less effective,” added Pajor.

Since the cold weather set in, the city has been rationalizing the salt supply they do have due to high demand across the the country.

The city says they still have a lot of sand, but salt is still an issue.

They are working to make sure they can identify every source to get the salt supply up.

Orders have been placed, and salt is coming in.

“We did receive an additional 100 tons yesterday which makes for 200 tons of additional salt sand mix in our inventory,” said Joe Pajor, Wichita Public Works Department.

The city still has 50 trucks on the road with crews working 12 hour shifts.


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