Attacker douses woman with bleach during burglary

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (WTHR) – An Indianapolis woman is recovering after a burglar attacked her with a knife and doused her with bleach.

“I thought he was going to kill me with the knife in my back and he said, ‘(expletive) don’t move’,” she said.

The victim says she didn’t know what to expect next after the man forced his way into her through a side door around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, catching her off-guard. While she was on the floor, the attacker reached for a bottle of bleach.

“He poured bleach all over me. He said I needed a cleansing. He then removed the knife off my back and he got up. He started knocking things down and he came through the house, tore up all of our TVs, he stole watches, he threw stuff all over the living room and stuff all over the bedroom,” the victim said.

She also showed where the burglar kicked her in the head before stealing jewelry and money. The bleach not only immediately faded her clothes, but also irritated her skin.

“The bleach soaked me. It was all through my clothes. I showered like three or four times and my skin started to burn on the inside,” the woman said.

The victim mentioned moving out of the neighborhood. But still, she hopes police will catch whoever did this to her.

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