Neighbors help others in snow

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KSHB) – A beautiful thing happens in a south Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood every time it snows.

A group of neighbors grab their shovels and snow blowers and set out in the neighborhood removing snow for neighbors who can’t do it themselves.

They’ve been dubbed the Snow Brigade. With big smiles in the cold weather, they shovel snow from driveways and sidewalks and front steps.

“We have one neighbor who is in a wheelchair,” Chris Korth said, a member of the Snow Brigade. “And some ladies who physically can’t do the work.”

Korth said another neighbor, Bob Wimer, started the tradition a few years ago.

“He started clearing driveways and sidewalks and it caught on,” Korth said. “Now my sons and some other neighbors all get together and do it and we have a great time knowing that we’re helping people.”

His son David is inspired to do it knowing that he’s making a difference.

“I know that I’m helping to prevent someone from slipping and falling and so that’s a good thing,” David said.

Don Blinzler worked with the crew on Tuesday and considers it something he should do.

“I’m fortunate enough, I’m almost 60 but I can still get up and get out and walk and there are a lot of people who can’t,” Blinzler said.

It’s hard work in the cold, but the Snow Brigade said they would never even think of taking any money for what they’re doing. They said it comes straight from their heart.


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