KDOT loses 11 trucks due to storm

KDOT snow plow (KSN File Photo)

SALINA, Kansas – KDOT says 11 trucks broke down during snow cleanup around Salina.  Many broke down from overuse.

It is making the cleanup of I-70 slower.

Crews worked during the storm to clean up the snow and keep roads clean.

With the storm over, the cold is deterring road cleanup.

KDOT crews have laid down the salt and sand mixture on I-70 to give vehicles some traction, but it won’t melt the ice and snow until it gets warmer.

“We can salt sand, but that’s only good to a specific temperature, somewhere around 17degrees. The cold is really the biggest challenge we have at the time,” said David Greiser, KDOT.

While the roads are mostly clear, KDOT is now focusing on cleaning up the exits.

“Well, now that the storm has passed, we can spend a little time away from the mainline. We can get on the on and off ramps and make those wider and bring them up to the levels of the driving surface of the highway,” added Greiser.

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