Many stores see delivery delays due to storm

WICHITA, Kansas – The QuikTrip store off north Broadway is still waiting for deliveries to arrive after the brutal winter storm.

“For the first time in a little over 20 years, QuikTrip distribution in Kansas City was unable to deliver,” said Rich Paulsen the assistant manager at that QuikTrip.

The snowy conditions left the retailer without fresh pastries, packaged pastries and sandwiches to sell to their customers.

“We’re running out of about everything right now,” said Paulsen.

The nearly nine inches of snow that fell on Tuesday also had an impact on local trucking companies.

Duane Zogleman is the owner of Professional Cargo Services Inc. and he says he has 19 trucks with 6 or 7 coming in and out of the yard each day.

However, Tuesday was a different story.

“We weren’t able to do anything yesterday, the roads were just too bad,” said Zogleman.

Zogleman said that things have gotten slightly better on Wednesday, but that many of his trucks are still seeing delays getting to terminals spread out across the state.

“Everything is pushed behind so everything that would normally be delivered next day is delayed one or two days,” Zogleman said.

With the weather causing delays to distributors trying to deliver a wide array of goods. It means many will be playing catch up as the weather and road conditions improve.

“Just keep smiling and promise them it will be here some time,” said Paulsen.

Zogleman says he will have all of his drivers working on Saturday in hopes of making up for time lost due to the snow.

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