City updates response to winter storm

Joe Pajor updates the city response to the winter storm.

WICHITA, Kansas – The city of Wichita updated their response to the winter storm Tuesday afternoon.

The city says newer LED traffic lights may be covered with snow, and you are to call 268-4013 or 911 if the light is completely obscured.

The city says they are also continuing to plow city streets.

The city has 50 plow trucks, and they are working on 12 hour shifts.

Crews are rationing sand and salt and are not using it until they can get the roads plowed.

“Where it is appropriate, we are treating with 100 percent sand, which that does provide some tractive force, but it’s not as good as the salt and sand mix,” said Joe Pajor, Wichita Public Works Department.

The city says they have about 1/3 of their salt and sand capacity available.

“We did order more on Dec. 4, 1000 tons, a little over 800 tons has been delivered. The next week, we ordered an additional 2,000 tons. We haven’t received any of that yet,” added Pajor.

Citizens are also reminded that they must keep their walks clear of snow and ice because it is a violation of city ordinance.


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