Kansas Highway Patrol responds to dozens of accidents and crashes

WICHITA, Kansas– Drivers in the Wichita metro area woke up to find less than ideal road conditions Saturday morning.

The light snow and sleet combined to create a dangerous weekend commute.

The Kansas Highway Patrol received so many accident reports they had to call for additional help.

“A number of troopers got called out early this morning to handle all the accidents,” said Trooper Joseph Middleton, Kansas Highway Patrol. “There were times where we just had more accidents than we were able to take care of.”

A number of those weather related accidents were reported between 5:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. proving to be a very  busy morning for dispatchers, emergency crews, and officers.

“You see a lot of cars flip on the roof or on the side of the road,” said Middleton. “That’s probably a good indicator that you should slow down.”

The Kansas Highway Patrol came to the rescue of roughly 35-40 accidents and crashes along the stretch of I-135.

“A lot of one vehicle accidents, people just going to fast and lost control and went into the ditch,” said Middleton. “A number of those were roll over accidents.”

The much anticipated mixture of snow and sleet caused for some dangerous driving conditions across the metro, which is why city street crews began sanding the snow emergency route three days in advance.

“When it first goes down it’s pretty visible in terms of people being able to see what’s been done,” said Joe Pajor, Wichita’s Deputy Public Works Director. “Even after it isn’t visible anymore it’s still there and effective for a number of days.”

Trooper Middleton is also reminding drivers to stay up to date with the latest weather forecast so you can be prepare the next time you’re out and about.

“Keep your eye on the forecast,” said Middleton. “I mean if you know it’s going to be snowing or sleeting or anything like that it’s better to just stay home. A day at home is better than a day out on the road with your car wrecked.”

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