Highway Patrol warns against drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday

WICHITA, Kansas — Sunday night marks the culmination of the NFL football season. The Super Bowl features the Denver Broncos and their high-scoring offense against the Seattle Seahawks and a staunch defense. The matchup is much anticipated and many people will frequent area restaurants, bars or parties around town. Police are reminding those out enjoying the game to stay safe.

The Kansas Highway Patrol Department says they’ll have anywhere from seven to eight troopers patrolling around Wichita Sunday night to keep things in order.

With many people expected to be out and about in the area for Sunday’s big game, there is the chance people will take a risk and try to drive drunk.

Troopers say coupling driving drunk with the already messy road conditions could prove to be a recipe for disaster. They say if you do decide to go to a watch party or frequenting the roadways, you need to take the necessary precautions in order to stay safe.

“You definitely need to have arrangements to get yourself home safely and with someone who hasn’t been drinking as a driver,” said Joseph Middleton, a trooper with the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Middleton also recommends that if you don’t have a designated driver to not hesitate to call a taxi for a lift home. He reiterates that whatever you do don’t try to drive after you’ve been drinking, especially with the roads still being slick.

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