Lost in the the tumbleweeds

Massive piles of tumbleweeds continue to cause problems for homeowners in Clovis, New Mexico.

CLOVIS, New Mexico (KOB) – It’s day three of the tumbleweed invasion in Clovis, New Mexico and some homeowners still can’t walk in their backyard.

“My whole backyard is covered in about 8-9 feet of tumbleweeds and debris,” said Isaac Garcia.

The city has been working to clear out the streets.

There is still some dust left behind, front yards are littered with needles, but backyards are a different story.

Garcia had to create a pathway just to get to his door.

“I’m lucky to have a hole and as soon as they clean the back there then I can start pushing stuff over the fence there,” he said.

But some neighbors can’t.

“She really needed some help because her house was covered with tumbleweeds. I didn’t believe it, honestly I didn’t believe it,” said Jorge Garcia.

Garcia helped to carve a path so his grandmother could get out her door.

“She’s kind of sick right now, and she can’t really get anything done by herself so we’re just helping her out,” said Jorge Garcia.

City officials say the best option for homeowners cleaning up their backyards is to take the tumbleweeds and throw them over the fence into the alley where workers will come and pick them up.

But the city can’t come into residents’ yards.

“The last couple days I just got finished cleaning the front yard, and now I’m just waiting for the backyard so I can throw stuff over the fence. But that’s not what I planned to do this week,” said Isaac Garcia.

The city says they will be out cleaning until at least the end of the week.

Sweeper trucks will be going through neighborhoods to help where they can.

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