KSN tracking the power of the park board

Clapp Golf Course (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Bryan Frye, Board President of Park Commissioners, says nothing is concrete when it comes to the sale of land on Clapp Golf Course and that’s why they aren’t letting city officials know anything.

Tuesday afternoon when KSN asked Mayor Carl Brewer if he had knowledge about any land being inquired about at Clapp Golf Course, the mayor responded he had no clue what was going on.

KSN asked Frye, why?

“Until there is a formal offer or a presentation or pitch, it’s still just an inquiry so there is nothing for us to take to the council, so therefore, he wouldn’t know anything that is going on until we bring something to them.”

Frye went on to reiterate that while they have nothing to present to the mayor and city council on the topic, it makes no sense to tell them at all.

“I got to imagine the city hears offers and inquiries all the time, until it’s actually gets to the point of a proposal, it seems unnecessary.”

The land is overseen by seven members of the park commission, who are appointed by city council members in their district. They can serve up to eight years in that position.

Fyre says, right now, since the land is just being inquired about, he’s unsure how much the prime real estate is actually worth.

Other developers KSN talked to in the past say it could be worth close to $2 million.

KSN did try to find out where the money would go if the land was sold.

“I don’t know because we’ve never had that happen in my tenure on the park board.”

Here are the facts KSN does know:

  • The park’s board controls the land
  • That board is made up of non-elected officials, responsible for potentially millions of dollars worth of property
  • The president of the parks board doesn’t know where the money goes if the land is sold
  • The mayor says he doesn’t have a clue what’s happening in the process

KSN will keep looking into this matter and will track the money and accountability.

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