H1N1 virus spreading through Kansas

Flu Shots (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – The flu season is here, and we know it can be deadly.

While the state of Kansas is not ready to confirm, we may have a death in Sedgwick County that is related to the flu.

KSN News has learned from unofficial sources, a Wichita man came down with the flu.  He died a couple of days later.

“It can be fairly mild to severe to even deadly. Of course, we do have deaths every year from the influenza.”

Dr. Maggie Hagen is a specialist and studies the spread of disease and flu.

She confirms this year, the strain of H1N1 is moving into populations that are not normally hit hard by the flu.

The elderly and those with lessened immune systems are at risk of flu and flu complications each year.

But this year, H1N1 is hitting the middle those 18 to 49 as well.

Health numbers on the state level show the numbers are on the rise.

“That means that influenza season will not end soon, make sure you get your flu shot, take precautions, cover your cough when you are sick.”

Chris Steward with the Sedgwick County Health Department says numbers reporting to the state show we are likely going into the heart of the flu season right now.

Click here to see the latest flu map from the CDC.

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