Drought continues in Kansas

Kansas drought conditions (courtesy U.S. Drought Monitor, droughtmonitor.unl.edu)

WICHITA, Kansas – Dry conditions continue to affect most of our state because of the lack of moisture and it’s not something that Kansas farmers want to hear, but relief could be in sight.

Latest satellite and radar from the National Weather Service show that parts of Kansas could be seeing some rain in the forecast, but that’s only if mother nature decides to cooperate.

“We could be getting into a more favorable pattern for rain,” said Ken Cook, National Weather Service Meteorologist. “It looks like moisture is on the horizon for the area.”

Recent winter storms that hit the north and eastern parts of the country brought below freezing temperatures and a lot of snow. moisture that Kansas desperately needs.

“It has missed us,” said Cook. “Most of the precipitation has been well off to the north or east of our region of the country.”

The U.S. Drought Monitor map for Kansas shows that 95 percent of the state is dry with around 47 percent in a moderate drought and 34 percent in a severe drought.

The severe drought is affecting only the western half of the state.

“Obviously drought is an issue,” said Cook. “The wheat crop is a concern and the other thing is fire concerns.”

Crops and soil specialist at Kansas State argues dry conditions will continue to hurt farmers if the weather pattern doesn’t act in our favor.

“We’ve had problems with blowing issues and soil erosion on that way,” said Lucas Haag, Kansas State University. “A lot of the concerns about this wheat crop, fall strands, and how we’re going to be coming into the spring.”

“It’s been drier than normal recently, but as it was last winter things could really change on the dime,” said Cook .”You’ll get a lot of precipitation in fact last year was one of our most snowier years even though it started relatively dry.”

Click here to take a closer look at the U.S. Drought Monitor map.

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