Snapchat security breach leads to concern

WICHITA, Kansas – A popular mobile app has experienced two security breaches in the past month and is now under scrutiny for user safety. Hackers have been able to access the application, Snapchat, and have leaked both the usernames and phone numbers of millions of users.

The initial security breach that took place affected close to 5 million people and the company tried to instill a new security feature but within 30 minutes, the app was hacked again.

The question now becomes, how can you protect yourself?

After discussing tech safety with David Hensley, the owner of Disciples Technology Computer Service and More here in Wichita, he has said that there are multiple ways to protect yourself with today’s technology.

One way to protect yourself or your children is to change your privacy settings. He said that Snapchat offers the feature much like other apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hensley also gave another piece of advice that he says is uncommon but does prove to be beneficial.

“The other thing I would recommend is changing your passwords quite often,” said Hensley. “Nobody likes to change their passwords, they think it’s a pain in the butt and it kind of is. The fact is the more often you change your password, the more secure your digital privacy is.”

Hensley said that many smart phones have a parental lock feature that can keep their children from downloading any app that they might deem unacceptable.

An article written by Yahoo-Tech in December detailed the five mobile apps parents should be most scared of when it comes to their children.

Some of the apps included in the article were Kik! Messenger, Chat Roulette and Snapchat.

Ultimately, Hensley said that the best way to protect yourself as a user from apps you may feel are too risky or not well protected is to simply not download them.

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