Update: Hyatt lifts gun ban for state’s GOP convention this weekend

Hyatt Hotel (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Kansas republicans who attend the state’s GOP convention are now allowed to bring their guns inside if they want to.

This allowance came after a local republican chairman pushed to have a gun ban lifted at the hotel.

The Kansas Republic Convention is set to kick off at the the Hyatt Regency Hotel this Friday.

To accommodate the party’s staunch platform on gun rights, the hotel has lifted their no gun rule and will allow people to carry concealed weapons this weekend.

“I’ve been told that they will be taking down the no gun signs at midnight on Thursday,” said Chairman Kelly Arnold with the Kansas Republic Party.

He said that when the group was looking for a venue to hold this year’s republic convention, they were searching for a place that would allow them to practice their second amendment rights.

“One of the sticking points of our contract that I wanted with the convention hotel, would allow us and our members to carry if we so choose to,” said Arnold.

Since the Hyatt has been a city-owned property since 2001, we also reached out to the City of Wichita to ask about their involvement in the change of policy and if the city would be involved in lifting a ban like this if it were held at another city-owned venue.

The City has said that when the decision to lift the no gun rule at the Hyatt was made, it was a choice the Hyatt made themselves.

We talked to the city attorney Gary Rebenstorf about the matter.

He told KSN that the City of Wichita and Hyatt Hotel Corporation has a unique hotel management agreement.

In the hotel management agreement it states:

“In the performance of its duties and responsibilities, here under, hyatt shall have a sole and exclusive right and authority as agent for owner to direct, manage and control all aspects of management and operation of the hotel in discretion of Hyatt.”

The Hyatt did also release this statement to KSN pertaining to their allowance of guns inside their hotel this weekend:

“Guest safety is one of our top priorities. The hotel has in place appropriate security measures to host a safe event for the Kansas Republican Party, which will make up the majority of occupancy at our hotel this weekend. Hyatt Regency Wichita has successfully hosted the Kansas Republican Party previously and we will look forward to serving the group again this year.”

“Hyatt Hotels and resorts employ a wide range of security measures and safety protocols customized to the needs of each property and the current environment in which it is operating. However, we do not comment on specific security measures employed”

We asked what is being done about the other hotel guests who still might feel uncomfortable about guns being allowed in the hotel while they are there and were told that the Hyatt would certainly be happy to work with those individuals on a case-by-case basis to set up alternate accommodations.

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