Great Bend looking to add housing

GREAT BEND, Kansas – Many towns across Kansas have the same problem, a housing shortage. Great Bend is one that is working to solve theirs.

It has been over thirty years since an apartment building has been built in Great Bend, leaving a lot of people searching for places to live.

“I moved here about two and a half years ago,” said Great Bend resident, Lindsay Feil. “I had a lot of problems trying to find somewhere that would allow a dog in the place, so I ended up actually having to buy.”

Having a dog complicated her search, but Lindsay said even without the dog she had trouble finding a place to rent.

“yeah I guess what I was running into was I just wasn’t finding what I wanted,” said Feil.

Apartments haven’t been built in so long because of the cost of building. Now, the Great Bend City Council is on its last steps to get a new apartment project approved, allowing people like Lindsay to find housing.

“One of the things we get is professional people coming from the cities and they move here and they’re kind of used to apartments and we have some but maybe not as many as we need and so the challenge for people coming in like teachers and young professionals in the community is to make something for them to be able to come here,” said Great Bend City Administrator Howard Partington.

If the apartment project is approved, six four-plexes will be built here in a vacant lot on the north part of town at 28th and Washington Street.

“I think getting places to live for people that want to come into the community people or employers feel that if you have more housing that you have a better chance of getting quality employees to come and work for them,” said Partington.

The city council says that having a place for young professionals to live is key for economic growth.

Public hearings on the apartments will take place on March 3rd before the city council meeting at 7:30 p.m.

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