Leaders taking a hard look at airport security

Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport (KSN File Photo)

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WICHITA, Kansas – Authorities say they are still trying to determine why a man drove his truck through a fence and onto a taxiway at a Wichita airport.

“Once through the fence, the man drove through a private field towards a private jet,” said Lt. Dave Mattingly, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department.

Two different people called Cessna security on the south end of Mid-Continent.

One person called airport police, and the pilot called it in as well.

“Cessna security quickly arrived and detained the suspect.  When deputies arrived, they noticed the suspect was talking to himself,” said Mattingly.

Sheriff’s officers are not calling it a terrorist plot, even though they did find a gun in his truck.

They say the man never showed a weapon or threatened anyone.

Airport police detained the man.

Sheriff’s officers arrested him for criminal trespass and destruction of part of the airport fence.

KSN learned security is getting close scrutiny by the Airport Authority/

“Have been in contact with TSA and with their colleagues at airports around the country to talk about best security practices and whether or not we’re doing what we need to be doing,” said Janet Miller, Wichita City Council Member.

Miller says she’s been told the suspect was never near the main terminal, on a commercial runway, or near a commercial jet.

Still, the airport authority is now reviewing what else can be done to keep Mid-Continent safe.

“I do know that our staff has certainly been reviewing security procedures and that happens anytime we have a breach of security or a crime or any kind of other unusual situation,” said Miller.

The suspect will be in court later this week to have a first appearance.

Tonight, he remains in jail on $15,000 bond.

The airport authority reminds everyone they do regular patrols, and they do have cameras watching the property.

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