KSN looks into possible flu vaccine shortage

It's not too late to get a flu shot, but you just may have trouble finding it in stock.
It’s not too late to get a flu shot, but you just may have trouble finding it in stock.
WICHITA, Kansas – Whether you go to the health clinic or your own doctor, the message has been clear, get your flu shot.

But reasons for not getting them vary.

KSN questioned several on why they didn’t get their shot.

“I don’t see a reason for it. Why do I want to put something in my body that doesn’t want to be there?” said Joshua Bagby.

“I guess because I had the flu already, and I didn’t think I needed to have the shot,” said Denise Landau.

Officials say it’s important to get the vaccine to stay healthy this flu season.

“It is a little bit later than normal now, but still better late than never we feel like, go ahead and get the shot for you,” said Kay Tomasu, Dillons.

But those that are on the lookout may have some challenges finding them.

KSN checked with several stores from Dillons to Walgreens to find out if they had any available.

While some stores have as many as 30 available right now, others are down into the single digits, while others say they’re out.

At this point, more doses of the vaccine may be hard to come by at least for now.

“We have about seven doses left right now. We are expecting more to come in on Wednesday, so we’re supposed to get 50 doses in on Wednesday, and some of the surrounding stores, I know the 13th and Tyler store, they have maybe 30 doses right now, a little bit more than we have so we do have some out there,” said Tomasu.

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