Custodian saves choking boy’s life

WILMINGTON, Massachusetts (WHDH) – A custodian at a Wilmington, Massachusetts middle school is being called a hero after saving a child’s life in the cafeteria.

Daevin Harless started choking on a carrot during his lunch break.

“I couldn’t breathe, it was like stuck there and I just couldn’t breathe and I fainted,” Harless said.

Teachers at North Intermediate School scrambled, running to the nurse, that’s when Mike Scanlon saved the day.

“I got over to him and his face was like ash white and his lips were blue. I touched him and he didn’t have no reaction to me,” Scanlon said.

Without a second thought Scanlon said he jumped into action administering the Heimlich maneuver.

“I grabbed the kid and gave him one compression and nothing happened, so I gave him a second compression a bunch of carrots came out of his mouth,” Scanlon said.

He knows he prevented a tragedy, but Scanlon said he isn’t a hero.

Daevin and his mom agree that he definitely saved the young boy’s life. They say they’re glad Scanlon was at the right place at the right time.

“I see him every day at lunch and he’s really nice. Me and him are best buddies,” Daevin said.

Scanlon says he encourages everyone to learn CPR because you never know when you’re going to need it.

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