Clapp Golf Course sell being questioned

Clapp Golf Course (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – The City of Wichita is considering selling part of the Clapp Golf Course.

KSN first broke the story Monday.

The city says it’s just testing the waters right now, and the bidding has not yet begun.

Some want to know why the city is not disclosing who is making that preliminary offer to buy.

“I don’t understand why it’s not gone public. I have no idea. But everybody assumes and knows that it’s Quik Trip so what difference does it make?” said Johnny Steven.

An avid golfer and developer himself, Stevens says the talks should be transparent.

The city says it’s not a formal bid so the potential developer will not be named at least not yet.

KSN asked Wichita City Manager Robert Layton why would the proposed developer name not be public?

“Well, because all they were doing is testing the waters. I don’t think, we don’t have a firm proposal,” said Layton.

He says the city gets informal proposals all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with testing the water.

Layton says the city has talked with developers before, and the potential to sell part of Clapp Golf Course would go up for public bid if the city and parks and recreation board decides selling a piece of this property would make sense to help bring in more cash to improve the golf course.

The city councilman, who has Clapp Golf Course in his district, says any proposed sale would be up for public bidding.

“The community is very concerned about transparency. I think through this process you will see that it is going to be transparent. We haven’t reached the stage yet where we have all the facts,” said James Clendenin, Wichita City Council Member.

The city says it will open the bidding process if it gets what it calls a serious offer on the land.

The city policy dictates when it would open it up for bids.

City leaders claim there is no cover-up here.

It is just casual interest for a potential million dollar deal.

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