Turducken (KSN photo)

Today’s recipe comes from John Michael, Executive Chef for Butler County Community College Culinary Arts Program.

1 medium size turkey
1 medium size duck
1 medium size chicken
2 oz tarragon (or your favorite herbs and spices)
Peanut oil
Salt and pepper


  1. Debone the chicken leaving all the meat attached to the skin so that you are left with one square of meat attached to the skin.
  2. Season the flesh side of the chicken with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with ½ oz of the tarragon.
  3. Roll the chicken into a roulade with the skin on the outside by folding the dark meat in by a third and then folding the white meat over the dark meat.
  4. Tie four pieces of twine around the chicken (2 on each breast) leaving the loose string in place. Tie a long piece of twine around lengthwise. Attach the long piece with the left over sting form the short pieces. Tie another long piece of twine around the outside of the chicken lengthwise. Tie 2 to 4 more pieces around to secure. Season the outside with salt and pepper. Rub with peanut oil. Roast at 425 to an internal cooking temperature of 165° F (if you remove the chicken when it hits around 155-160° it will carry over to 165° F).
  5. While the chicken is roasting debone the duck in the same fashion as the chicken except split it in half so that you have two pieces each of which has 1 breast, thigh and drumstick meat attached. Sear the duck skin side down in a sauté pan until most of the fat is rendered out and the skin is crispy and a dark brown color.
  6. While the chicken is roasting and the duck is searing debone the turkey in the same manner as the chicken. Pound the breasts with a meat mallet till they are of consistent thickness with the dark meat (around 1”). Season the meat side with salt and pepper and the rest of the tarragon. Remove the butchers twine from the chicken and place the hot chicken roulade in the center of the turkey meat. Place the hot rendered duck halves on either side of the chicken. Wrap the turkey meat, skin side out, around the chicken and duck. Truss the turducken in the same manner as the chicken roulade. Season the outside with salt and pepper. Place the turducken on the same roasting pan you used for the chicken and rub the outside with a ¼ of the rendered duck fat. Roast at 325°F in a convection oven, 375°F in a conventional oven until you reach an internal temperature of 165° F (once again you can choose to remove the turducken at 155-160° and let it carry over to 165° F. Leave the thermometer in to make sure it gets up to 165° F)
  7. Let rest for at least 10-15 minutes before carving.

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