NY prosecutor shuts down illegal puppy sellers

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York’s attorney general has shut down two women who bought puppies for cheap online or got them for free and then sold the sickly animals for profit to unsuspecting customers.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Thursday that the women have been permanently barred from selling animals or becoming licensed pet dealers.

Schneiderman said his office reached an agreement with Carissa Seaman, who he said illegally resold more than two dozen puppies in one year. He said she bought them on Craigslist or got them for free and kept them in poor condition without veterinary care.

He said Seaman, of Cleveland, 20 miles northeast of Syracuse, offered to sell a 5-week-old St. Bernard puppy that had fleas to two undercover investigators in July.

Schneiderman’s office also obtained a court order against Stephanie Arcara of Buffalo, who posed as a puppy breeder, but the puppies she sold were actually bought on Craigslist. Schneiderman said consumers reported malnutrition, fleas, filth and illness among the pets and that Arcara sometimes misrepresented the breed of the puppies she sold.

The attorney general’s office said both women violated state law by failing to provide consumers with any records of the puppies’ breeder or veterinary care; offering to sell puppies less than 8 weeks old; failing to have the puppies examined by a licensed veterinarian; and failing to advise consumers of their right to return sick puppies.

Phone numbers for the women were not listed.

Humane societies and rescue organizations in central and western New York assisted in the investigation.

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