Case of bovine TB linked to northeast Neb. herd

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Authorities say a cow from northeast Nebraska has been diagnosed with a case of bovine tuberculosis.

The Nebraska Agriculture Department said Tuesday that the cow was part of a small herd in Knox County. The department and federal experts are investigating to see how the cow became infected. The rest of the herd has been quarantined and has tested negative for the disease.

Bovine tuberculosis causes severe coughing, fatigue, emaciation and debilitation in cattle and results in reduced milk and meat production. It is spread by nose-to-nose contact and the inhalation of bacteria.

Although the incidence is rare, humans can catch the disease from infected cattle. Experts agree that as long as meat is properly cooked and milk is pasteurized, there is little danger of bovine tuberculosis spreading through food.

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