Maine police breast cancer plates to be auctioned

FALMOUTH, Maine (AP) — Pink license plates displayed on Maine State Police vehicles last month in honor of breast cancer awareness will soon be auctioned off.

The auction of the 203 plates will begin at noon Nov. 15 on the Maine Cancer Foundation’s eBay page.

The organization says the plates are signed by troopers and come with a certificate of authenticity. Some also have notes, photos and “paw prints” from law enforcement dogs, or K9 units.

The auction’s proceeds will go to the Maine Women’s Cancer Fund, the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition’s Support Service Fund and the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program’s mammogram Fund.

The foundation says that it’s received calls from all over the country inquiring about the collector plates.

“This is the first cancer-support plate displayed by state troopers that we know of,” said Cullen McCough, communications director for the foundation.



Maine Cancer Foundation’s eBay page:

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