Billings settles lawsuit over pool heart attack

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A woman who sued the city of Billings after her husband died of a heart attack at a city pool in July 2011 has reached a $900,000 settlement with the city’s insurer.

District Judge Russell Fagg approved the settlement Tuesday in the death of 41-year-old Bart Bieber. It awards $322,000 to Bieber’s widow, Therese, and sets up $80,000 trusts for each of their three children, for a total of $562,000. The rest goes for attorney’s fees, costs and expenses.

The lawsuit alleged the city was liable because Rose Park Pool didn’t have an automated external defibrillator and lifeguards didn’t call 911. An off-duty firefighter and Therese Bieber, who is a nurse, performed CPR. A bystander called 911 about 10 minutes after Bieber collapsed.

The settlement requires the city to have a defibrillator at the pool.

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