Future of Flint’s floating house up in the air

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — A structure designed to look like a floating house in downtown Flint that was built as part of an art project will be torn down or moved elsewhere, organizers said.

Stephen Zacks, founder and director of the Flint Public Art Project, told The Flint Journal (http://bit.ly/15L2V07 ) that those involved are still looking for the best option. Also known as “Mark’s House,” the structure was built for this summer’s Flat Lot Competition.

“It is a project that we believe could find a new home, but it wasn’t planned to last beyond the summer,” Zacks said. “It was meant to be a temporary, 3-monthlong installation. So it wasn’t made with materials to last — that would have cost 10 times as much.”

The shiny structure, which looks like a house atop a large pedestal, has attracted a lot of attention in Flint and mixed reviews.

Deborah Hall, 62, of Flint, first encountered the project Tuesday.

“It looks nice, that’s all I can say,” she said. “But it’s right in the middle of a parking (lot). Look at all the spaces it’s taking up.”

Donald Pierce, 58, of Flint, called it a waste of money, asking: “Why would you build something just to tear it down?”

The project was built on Flint Downtown Development Authority property. Gerard Burnash, the DDA’s executive director, said the organization would like to see it taken down before Nov. 2, the date of a planned downtown watch party for the Michigan-Michigan State football game.

Designers in the contest this year had a $25,000 budget to build a structure that artistically represented Flint and could be used for festivals, taking up eight parking spaces. More than 220 entries were submitted from designers in 35 countries.


Information from: The Flint Journal, http://www.mlive.com/flint

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