Differences between House, Senate shutdown bills

WASHINGTON (AP) — A comparison of rival House and Senate bills aimed at preventing a partial government shutdown Tuesday morning:

House bill:

—Funds federal agencies through Dec. 15 at current spending levels. The rate equates to annual agency spending of $986 billion, and includes the impact of this year’s sequester, or automatic spending cuts.

—Delays for a year the implementation of much of President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care law.

—Repeals a medical device tax which helps finance the health care overhaul. The 2.3 percent tax mostly applies to equipment used by hospitals and doctors, like pacemakers and scanning machines, and exempts consumer items like eyeglasses.

—Lets some employers with religious or moral objections decline to provide contraception coverage.

Senate bill:

—Funds federal agencies through Nov. 15 at the same level as the House bill.

—Does not delay health care law, repeal medical device tax or let insurers deny abortion coverage.

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