Apple’s iOS 7 update brings boy to tears

Apple's iOS 7 update brings 4-year-old Jack to tears (Courtesy: Derek Colling YouTube) AUSTIN (KXAN)

Apple’s new iOS 7 software update brought 4-year-old Jack to tears.

In the video’s posting, Jack’s dad says the boy didn’t like it because the swipe bar was missing at the bottom of the phone, and he wanted the old one back.

“He was fine with everything until he realized that it wasn’t a simple setting to switch back,” said Derek Colling.

The father added that Jack doesn’t actually own an iPhone.

“I updated my iPad with iOS 7, and he uses it when I’m not,” said Colling in the posting. “He wasn’t upset until I told him we couldn’t go back to iOS 6. He’s a cool kid that doesn’t like change much.”

And while Colling said he didn’t have video of Jack playing in the mud or with a stick — since most people commenting say they did that as a child — he does have video of Jack playing outside.

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