Barton Co. preparing residents in case of a natural disaster

WICHITA, Kansas – With natural disasters occuring all over the country, Barton County is hosting an Emergency Preparedness Week.

“Well, I think people always need to think about what you are going to do without electricity, gas and water,” said Amy Miller, Barton Co. Emergency Management Director. “A lot of times in a disaster, even though your home may not be affected, maybe the neighborhood or your part of the community is affected, and they may need to shut down your utilities.”

Some Barton County residents already have a plan, along with supplies set aside for their families.

“Food, water, blankets, anything you would use in case of an emergency and have a safety plan,” said Cynthia Batman, Barton County resident.

To encourage residents who are not yet prepared to think about their emergency plan, the county will focus on different aspects each day this week.

They include a plan for pet safety, a supply checklist, and a communication plan.

“Sometimes, we don’t have near enough emergency responders to kind of help you so if you can learn to be self reliant for those first few hours and days and be prepared to deal with any emergency that may affect you,” said Miller.

It’s a plan she hopes you’ll never have to use, but could save your life if disaster strikes.

Barton County Preparedness Week runs through the 28th.

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