Newborn abandoned in Huntington in good health

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) — A newborn boy left abandoned outside a Huntington home is in good health, police said.

Detective Ted Backus tells media outlets the baby is in a hospital’s intensive care unit.

Backus says a woman opened her door Saturday to find the baby wrapped in a towel with a note asking to provide a good home. He said it appears the baby was born on the same day.

The detective says the infant is in the ICU because its birth information and family history aren’t known.

Backus says a search is on for the baby’s mother, although no charges are planned.

“We want to make sure her health is fine,” Backus said. “She had a birth that occurred, if not at home, then not at a hospital, which can lead to some medical issues.”

He also said he wanted to make sure she wasn’t forced into abandoning the child.

The Department of Health and Human Resources says the baby will eventually be placed with a relative if one can be identified or in an approved foster or adoptive home.

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