Officers attacked by man with bat at Vegas jail

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Investigators were trying to determine why a man walked into a downtown Las Vegas jail with an aluminum baseball bat and began attacking corrections officers.

Michael Marcel Law, 25, is accused of hitting one officer in the head, neck and hand, and pulling a knife as several officers wrestled him to the floor of the Clark County Detention Center on Wednesday morning.

Law later told investigators he was upset about the way police handled a complaint he made Sept. 7 that he had been robbed, according to a police report. He said police did nothing to help him and he wanted to hurt the first officer in uniform that he saw.

Police Officer Jose Hernandez said Friday he had no immediate information about a robbery report last week involving Law.

The injured corrections officer, Darren McCray, was able to help subdue Law before being taken to a hospital where he was treated and released, police said.

Law also was taken to the hospital and treated for an unrelated medical issue before being returned to the jail as a detainee. He was awaiting a Monday court appearance on charges including attempted murder, battery with a weapon and burglary.

Corrections Officer Nicholas Eubanks told investigators that he had mentioned to McCray that a man he saw approaching the lobby of the jail couldn’t possibly be trying to enter with the bat. Moments later, the officer said, Law began swinging the bat with both hands.

Police said the fracas in the jail lobby was captured on security cameras, but the recordings were evidence and wouldn’t be made public until court proceedings.

Law told police he was living at a low-budget motel off Boulder Highway, several miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas.

He had several previous encounters with police, according to court records, including 2007 and 2008 petty larceny and battery cases that led to guilty pleas and sentences that he perform community service and receive mental health counseling. He was represented by public defenders in those cases.

It was not immediately clear Friday if Law had been appointed a lawyer in the jail guard attack case.

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