WADA wants to step up blood testing program

MONTREAL (AP) — The World Anti-Doping Agency wants to help more countries develop the ability to analyze blood tests in order to step up the fight against banned drug use.

The initiative comes after the testing programs in athletics powerhouses like Jamaica and Kenya have been criticized for taking too few samples.

WADA said Thursday that it wants to develop laboratory testing in “countries or areas of the world with limited or no blood analytical capability.”

The agency also said it will continue monitoring how athletes consume caffeine and nicotine “to detect patterns of misuse in sport.”

Narcotics including hydrocodone and tramadol will also be monitored in samples taken at competitions.

WADA monitors substances for potential inclusion on its Prohibited List. The updated list will be published on Oct. 1.

The board approved funding for 29 research projects, including “longitudinal monitoring for testosterone abuse” and “EPO gene doping detection.”

WADA said it will give further details of research projects when contacts are signed.

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