Judge rules for ex-Kan. social worker in lawsuit

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – A federal judge has ruled that a former Kansas social worker is immune from a lawsuit by the grandparents of a 23-month-old girl who was beaten to death after authorities ignored their pleas to protect her.

U.S. District Judge Monti Belot summarily ruled Thursday in favor of former social worker Linda Gillen. Belot said there was no evidence that her intentional refusal to act enhanced the danger to the girl.

Larry and Mary Crosetto allege in the lawsuit that Gillen did not respond to complaints about their granddaughter’s abuse because she had a personal grudge against them.

The couple’s granddaughter, Brooklyn Coons, of Coffeyville, died in January 2008. Her father’s girlfriend, Melissa Wells, is serving life in prison for the girl’s death.

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