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Good morning! Here’s a look at how AP’s general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change; see the 2 p.m. News Digest for updates. You can find our contact info at the bottom of this advisory.


HEALTH CARE OVERHAUL PACKAGE — On Oct. 1, the Affordable Care Act, often called “Obamacare,” will become a reality for consumers. Actual coverage begins Jan. 1. The AP is offering a robust package of content well ahead of the Oct. 1 opt-in date. The stories and most of the photos will be transmitted today at 1 p.m. EDT for immediate release. The videos will move in the week before the opt-in date, and details on the roll-out of the interactives and print graphics are contained in a separate advisory.

Among today’s coverage highlights as we see them at 10:15 a.m. EDT:



–HEALTH CARE OVERHAUL PACKAGE (see separate advisory)



PHOTOS: SEPT. 11 ANNIVERSARY COVERAGE (sent; upcoming) JAPAN-MOUNT FUJI-PHOTO ESSAY (sent, with text), TAIWAN MOVIE ART (sent, with text)


Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past 10 hours (all times EDT):


SEPT 11-SYRIA – Twelve years later, the haunting memory of Sept. 11 is shaping the present-day debate over what to do about Syria. SENT: 1030 words, photos.

UNITED STATES-SYRIA-TICK TOCK — A detailed look at the fast-moving chain of events that led America and Syria to this point, from a near-certain U.S. military strike to Obama’s decision to hold off in favor of a possible diplomatic solution. We’ll look at secret U.S. talks with Russia, Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks — at first thought to be off-hand and now acclaimed by some as a brilliant strategic maneuver — and the evolution of Obama’s position. Kerry, meanwhile, flies to Geneva Wednesday night to talk with the Russian foreign minister about the proposal for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons. UPCOMING: 800 words by 4 p.m. photos

SYRIA-DIPLOMACY — Syria’s acceptance of a proposal to relinquish its chemical weapons stockpile should not be interpreted as a concession or sign of weakness, a senior government official said Wednesday. Damascus’ agreement, he added, has removed one of the pretexts for foreign airstrikes against Syria. SENT: 420 words.

SYRIA-RUSSIA — An analysis on Putin’s role.

SYRIA-AMERICAN DIVIDE — There’s dissension among Arab-Americans over Syria, and underscore a growing rift over ideological, political and regional differences. SENT: 720 words, photos.

LIBYA – A powerful explosion strikes Libya’s Foreign Ministry building in the heart of the coastal city of Benghazi, one year to the date after an attack there killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in the city. SENT: 550 words, photos.

EGYPT-SINAI — A pair of suicide bombers rammed their explosives-laden cars into military targets in Egypt’s volatile Sinai on Wednesday, killing at least nine soldiers and wounding 17 people, security officials said. SENT: 560 words, photos.

INDIA-GANG RAPE — Saying their crime shocked the conscience of India, the prosecutor in the fatal New Delhi gang rape calls for all four convicted rapists to be hanged, while one of the defendants shouts out his innocence as police drive him into the courthouse. SENT: 950 words, photos.

KOREAS TENSION — North and South Korea agreed Wednesday to restart operations at a jointly run factory park that Pyongyang shut down in April during a torrent of threats. SENT: 540 words, photos.

PHILIPPINES-REBEL STANDOFF — Muslim rebels holding scores of hostages in the southern Philippines are demanding international mediation, an official says, as sporadic exchanges of gunfire with government troops break out. SENT: 650 words, photos.

ASIA-DISPUTED ISLANDS — Japan has increased security around a group of disputed islands it nationalized one year ago amid strong protests from China, which also claims them and has been stepping up patrols of its own. SENT: 380 words, photos.

TROPICAL WEATHER — Humberto strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane far out in the Atlantic early Wednesday, becoming the first hurricane of the Atlantic season. SENT: 180 words.


SEPT. 11 ANNIVERSARY — Victims’ families and friends will gather to grieve and remember the victims on the 12th anniversary ceremony of the Sept. 11 terror attacks at ground zero, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa. Families of victims of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing will join in the reading of the names of nearly 3,000 victims. SENT: 740 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing through the day; 800 words by 5 p.m., photos, video.


— SEPT 11-COMMEMORATIONS-GLANCE: The many different ways the anniversary is marked around the globe. SENT: 200 words. UPCOMING: Developing from events throughout the day, then 350 words by 5 p.m., photos.

—OBAMA-SEPT 11 ANNIVERSARY: President Barack Obama marks Sept. 11 anniversary with moment of silence at the White House, then ceremony at Pentagon for those who died there. UPCOMING: 400 words by 10:30 a.m. photos

— SEPT 11-PENNSYLVANIA: A new visitors center is dedicated at the Flight 93 Memorial, and the names of those aboard the doomed plane are read aloud. UPCOMING: 300 words by 3 a.m. EDT; developing from event starting at 9:45 a.m., photos.

ARMING TEACHERS — An Arkansas state panel may revoke the licenses given to school districts that wanted to arm teachers and staff after questions about the policy. UPCOMING: 130 words by 11 a.m.; 500 words by 5 p.m., photos.

SOUTH DALLAS-RAPES — Police give an update in the case of a neighborhood watch volunteer suspected in serial rapes. SENT: 640 words of past developments, photos, video. UPCOMING: 130 words with update by noon; 600 words by 4 p.m., photo.

MISSOURI GUNS — Missouri lawmakers decide whether to take the first shot in a potential legal battle with the federal government by enacting a measure that threatens criminal charges against federal agents who attempt to enforce certain gun-control laws. SENT: 400 words, photo. Updates throughout the day; 700 words by 7 p.m.

TSA-SCREENER THREAT – FBI: ex-TSA worker’s threats led officials to clear, search terminals. SENT: 280 words. UPCOMING: 500 words by noon, photo.

GAY MARRIAGE NEW MEXICO — Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins stunned New Mexico when he decided last month to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. But even he was surprised by the lack of public outrage or protest. Experts say the relative silence is just one more sign of how quickly public opinion has turned on the issue. UPCOMING: 800 words by 3 p.m. EDT, photos.

VIDEO CONFESSION-CAR ACCIDENT — A driver who made an online video confessing to causing a fatal wrong-way crash after drinking heavily is expected back in court Wednesday ahead of a possible guilty plea. SENT: 360 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: Updating from 1:30 p.m. court appearance.


WEINER AND SPITZER — Anthony Weiner’s ill-fated mayoral campaign ended with a string of final embarrassments: He mustered a mere 5 percent at the ballot box. One of his sexting partners tried to crash his primary night rally. And Weiner was caught making an obscene gesture to reporters as he was driven away. SENT: 700 words, photos, video, audio.

NYC MAYOR’S RACE — The question of whether Bill de Blasio garnered enough votes to avoid a Democratic mayoral runoff is expected to be put on hold as leaders take a break from politics to mark the 12th anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks. SENT: 870 words. UPCOMING: 450 words by 2:30 p.m. EDT, photos.

GUN CONTROL RECALL — Colorado voters toss out two lawmakers for supporting that state’s gun control measures, foreshadowing what will likely be a bruising midterm election in 2014. SENT: 670 words, photos. UPCOMING: 800 words by 4 p.m.


MEN-LOW TESTOSTERONE – HFR 5 p.m. EDT — The ads tout testosterone treatments for “low T,” but surprising new research shows a different hormone may play a role in less sex drive and more fat as men age. Estrogen — the female hormone — is needed by men, too, and the study gives the first clear evidence that too little of it can cause certain “male menopause” symptoms. UPCOMING: HOLD FOR RELEASE at 5 p.m., about 650 words


HEALTH CARE OVERHAUL — Having health insurance used to hinge on where you worked and your medical history. Soon that won’t matter, with open-access markets for subsidized coverage coming Oct. 1 under Obama’s overhaul. But there’s a new wild card, something that didn’t seem so critical when Congress passed the Affordable Care Act back in 2010: where you live. Entrenched political divisions over “Obamacare” have driven most Republican-led states to turn their backs on the biggest expansion of the social safety net in a half century. If you’re uninsured in a state that’s opposed, you may not get much help picking the right private health plan for your budget and your family’s needs. And if you’re poor and your state rejected the law’s Medicaid expansion, odds are you’ll remain uninsured. UPCOMING: 1,400 words at 1 p.m. EDT, photos.

HEALTH OVERHAUL-APPLYING FOR COVERAGE — Getting covered through the health care law might feel like a combination of doing your taxes and making a big purchase that requires some research. A step-by-step guide to applying for coverage under the law. UPCOMING: 900 words at 1 p.m. EDT, photos.

— HEALTH OVERHAUL-TIMELINE — Key dates in the saga of the health care law. UPCOMING at 1 p.m. EDT

— HEALTH OVERHAUL-GLOSSARY — Major new laws come with their own jargon, and the health care overhaul is no exception. With the first open enrollment season kicking off for the uninsured, here are some terms consumers might want to get familiar with. UPCOMING at 1 p.m. EDT.

Other stories in this package are described in a separate advisory.


WIND ENERGY-EAGLE DEATHS — Wind energy facilities have killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles in the last four years, according to a new, landmark scientific study by government biologists. But they conclude the figure is likely to be substantially underestimated, because only a fraction of the deaths are being discovered. The research affirms an AP investigation in May. UPCOMING: 600 words by 2 p.m., photos.

NASA-TROPICAL WEATHER — NASA is using former military surveillance drones to help study how tropical storms intensify. SENT: 650 words, photos.

SPACE STATION – Soyuz capsule carrying 3 astronauts touches down on earth after undocking from space station. SENT: 100 words, photo.


HOLIDAY GADGETS — Christmas is still nearly four months away, yet major electronic companies have already announced a slew of gift ideas such as new iPhones of different colors, new video game players and a new category of gadgets designed to mimic the functionality of smartphones on a device worn around the wrist. Here’s a look at what’s in store, with many announcements yet to come. UPCOMING: 1,000 words by 2 p.m., photos.

TECH TEST-NEW IPHONES-IOS 7 – One of the best things about Apple’s latest iPhone models is the slick new iOS 7 software that runs the devices. But that same souped-up operating system could end up hurting sales because the free software upgrade will also work on iPhones released since 2010. SENT: 1040 words, photos.


FRANKFURT AUTO SHOW-ELECTRIC DREAMS – Carmakers are flooding the Frankfurt Auto Show with new, powerful and luxurious hybrids and electrics despite uncertain prospects for sales and profits. SENT: 740 words, photos.


PETS-LEARNING TO FLY – For $349, your dog can learn to fly. Security checks and bumpy air are all in a day’s training at a Hollywood film studio to prepare your dog for a safe and calm flight. SENT: 770 words, photos.


TAIWAN-MOVIE ART — In this day of multiplexes and 3-D projection, the Chuan Mei theater in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan is a reminder of the way movie-going used to be. The theater’s most eye-catching pieces of nostalgia hang above the entrance: Hand-painted movie posters, 3 meters (9 feet) square, illustrate the daily bill of fare. The oil paintings are the life’s work of 61-year-old Yan Jhen-fa, the last practitioner of this once-popular art form in Taiwan. SENT: 400 words, photos.

PEOPLE-CLINT EASTWOOD — The actor’s second wife has filed for legal separation. SENT: 90 words, photo.


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