The nation’s weather

Weather Underground midday recap for Monday, September 09, 2013.

Strong thunderstorms continued to drive through the northern Midwest on Monday as a low pressure system entered the Great Lakes region. Warm weather persisted in the southern Midwest and into the Southeast due to a high pressure system over the area. Thunderstorms were also observed in the Great Basin and Southwest during the morning and early afternoon hours on Monday.

Excess heat watches were issued in Minnesota and Wisconsin late Monday morning as an unstable, low pressure system moved through the area. Strong thunderstorms were observed over northern Minnesota, while temperatures in the central and southern Plains remained very warm. Temperatures spiked into the 90s and 100s over a large portion of the Plains, while similar weather was also observed in the Southeast. Spotty thunderstorms continued to pop up over southern Texas, as well as in southern Florida. Temperatures throughout much of the Northeast stayed around 70 degrees and little to no precipitation was observed.

Flood statements were issued around the Great Basin and Southwest earlier today as thunderstorms continued to linger in the region. Due to the fact that grounds were already saturated from the previous few days, mountain slopes and adjacent valleys were much more prone to flooding events. Flash flood statements were issued in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of southeast California. High pressure off of the west coast provided warm, dry temperatures for the majority of the western states.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Monday have ranged from a morning low of 26 degrees at Mt. Washington, N.H. to a midday high of 101 degrees at Plattsmouth, Neb.

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