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Good morning! Here’s a look at how AP’s general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change; see the 2 p.m. News Digest for updates. You can find our contact info at the bottom of this advisory.


Among today’s coverage highlights as we see them at 10:15 a.m. EDT:

— G20-SNAPSHOT (sent; developing)




— EXTREME WEATHER (upcoming)





Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past 10 hours (all times EDT):


G20 SNAPSHOT — The threat of missiles over the Mediterranean is weighing on world leaders meeting on the shores of the Baltic this week — and eclipsing economic battles that usually dominate when the Group of 20 leading world economies convenes. SENT: 750 WORDS. Photos. UPCOMING: Summit formally begins at 2 p.m.

SYRIA — Assad’s troops battle al-Qaida-linked rebels over a regime-held Christian village in western Syria for the second day, as world leaders gather in Russia for an economic summit expected to be overshadowed by the prospect of U.S.-led strikes against the Damascus regime. SENT: 1,200 words. Photos, video.

UNITED STATES-SYRIA — Obama now has to sell his Syria plan to the world, facing Putin and almost equally reluctant China among other skeptical allies. On Capitol Hill, no hearings, but the sales pitch continues behind closed doors. SENT: 1055 words. Photos, video, audio.

— OBAMA — Obama is heading into the lion’s den of Russia to confront Syria’s key patron as well as foreign leaders skeptical of his call for an international military strike against Assad’s government. He starts a two-day visit to St. Petersburg for the Group of 20 economic summit. SENT: 1065 words. Photos. UPCOMING: Update by noon.

SYRIA-NATIONAL SECURITY — In declaring Syria a national security threat, the Obama administration is warning Americans as much about the leaders of Iran and North Korea as Assad. Not until the last few weeks has the White House deemed Syria a top U.S. concern. UPCOMING: 850 words by 4 p.m. EDT. Photos.

OBAMA-SYRIA-USE OF FORCE — Obama championed restraint and global cooperation when faced with security threats. Now, as commander in chief of a world superpower, his rhetoric of the past is being tested by the reality of today as he presses Congress to allow the United States to launch a military strike against Assad’s regime, over the objections of most major U.S. allies. SENT: 730 words. Photo.

EGYPT — A bomb rips through a section of Cairo, just missing the convoy of Egypt’s interior minister in the first attack on a senior government official since the country’s Islamist president was toppled in a coup two months ago. The blast raises fears over a possible insurgency-style campaign of retaliation against a crackdown on the ousted leader’s Muslim Brotherhood. SENT: 725 words. UPCOMING: 1,100 words by 4 p.m. EDT. 10 photos.


LIMA, Peru – Peru has overtaken Colombia as the world’s No. 1 counterfeiter of U.S. dollars, funneling phony millions not just to the United States but also to dollar-starved neighbors Argentina and Venezuela. It’s secret: cheap labor and refined technique. By Carla Salazar. SENT: 960 WORDS. Photos.

AP photos.

ISRAEL-SETTLER LAWS — At first glance, a new legislative proposal seems innocuous enough — enforcing a uniform labor law that protects all Israeli women, regardless of where they live, against unlawful dismissal. But critics say that under the guise of woman’s rights, the bill’s true intent is to further entrench Israeli control over occupied territory. UPCOMING: 900 words by noon EDT.

AUSTRALIA-TONY ABBOTT — Tony Abbott, the political pugilist who leads Australia’s opposition, was once dubbed “unelectable” by a former boss, but as elections near he seems certain to become prime minister. SENT: 1220 words. Photos.

KOREAS-TENSION — South Korea says North Korea has agreed to restore a cross-border military hotline it cut during tensions earlier this year. It’s another sign of easing animosities between the rivals in recent weeks. SENT: 240 words.

SKOREA-REBELLION PLOT — A South Korean court has issued an arrest warrant for a leftist lawmaker accused of plotting an anti-government rebellion. The case has caused a political and media firestorm in a country that still struggles with bitter divisions between left and right. SENT: 500 words. Photos.

CAMBODIA-KHMER ROUGE TRIBUNAL — The U.N. and a leading human rights group criticize Cambodia for failing to pay its share of costs for the U.N.-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal, which has been hit by striking Cambodian staff who have been unpaid for months. SENT: 480 words.

GERMAN HIDDEN POOR — At first glance Christel Paweski’s small plot of land, with its garden gnome and flowerbeds, appears to be the epitome of comfortable German retirement. But her gardening isn’t a hobby — it’s survival. On her meager pension, Paweski says she simply can’t afford to buy groceries at the store. SENT: 1030 words. Photos.

INDONESIA-MISS WORLD PROTEST — Indonesian Muslim hard-liners protest against the Miss World pageant, as organizers insist that the event will go ahead as scheduled this weekend on the resort island of Bali. SENT: 440 words. Photos.

KENYA — Parliament moving to withdraw Kenya from the International Criminal Court, where President Uhuru Kenyatta is facing charges for crimes stemming from the country’s post-election violence in 2007-8. SENT: 500 words. Photos.


HEALTH OVERHAUL-PREMIUMS — Obama’s health care law will mirror a trend in job based insurance, where employees are increasingly being nudged into lower-cost plans that require them to cover a bigger share of their own medical expenses. Two independent studies out this week outline the economics of new health insurance markets coming Oct. 1. Version SENT: 970 words. Photos.

US-MYANMAR-MILITARY TIES — The Obama administration wants to restart U.S. defense training for Myanmar that was cut 25 years ago after a bloody crackdown on protesters. While assistance would be nonlethal, some American lawmakers are resisting, concerned Washington is moving too fast in forging ties with a military still accused of attacking ethnic minorities and blocking humanitarian aid. SENT: 960 words. Photos.


SUPERSTORM-SEPT 11 MEMENTOS — The letters and photos were beyond value — some of the mementos Joe Quinn still had to remember his older brother Jimmy, who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Now they are gone, sullied by floodwaters and charred by fires that tore through the Queens community of Breezy Point last October during Superstorm Sandy. SENT: 875 words. Photos, video.

TEXAS-GAY RIGHTS — Gay rights victories in Texas haven’t come at the Capitol but at city hall. But in San Antonio, conservatives are pushing back against one proposed stride — an ordinance that’s virtually identical to measures adopted in every other major Texas city. SENT: 775 words. Photos. UPCOMING: Developing from council vote around 3 p.m. EDT, 700 words by 4 p.m.


ORLANDO — Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering a fleet of plug-in electric vehicles in Orlando, and tourists will be able to charge them for free at hotels, near theme parks and even outside of city hall. We’ll test the vehicle and take it for a spin. SENT: 745 words. UPCOMING: Photos.

GAY MARRIAGE-BORDER WAR — Minneapolis’ mayor makes a pitch to gay couples in Illinois: Come north to get married, and spend lots of money. Sent: UPCOMING: 800 words by 3 a.m. ET, photos; Story will be updated at 10 a.m. ET news conference, 740 words. Photos.

BITE MARK EVIDENCE — A judge is to rule on whether testimony comparing a bite mark found on a murder victim with the teeth of the man charged in her killing will be allowed at his jury trial. UPCOMING: Developing from 10 a.m. ruling, 700 words by 2 p.m.

DRUG RAID-HORSE TRACK — A federal judge is set to sentence the brother of two top Zetas leaders for investing $16 million of drug money in buying, training and racing horses across the U.S. southwest. UPCOMING: Developing from a 10 a.m. EDT court hearing, 600 words by 3 p.m., photos.

REDSKINS NAME — An American Indian tribe in upstate New York says it will launch a radio ad campaign pressing for the Washington Redskins to shed a name often criticized as offensive. SENT: 420 words. Photos.

GMAIL PRIVACY — Google’s attorneys say their long-running practice of electronically scanning the contents of people’s Gmail accounts to help sell ads is legal, and they are asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to stop the practice. SENT: 280 words. Photos. UPCOMING: Developing from hearing beginning at 4:30 p.m. EDT, 600 words.

SUSPECT STRUCK — Long Beach, Calif., police say a man who was repeatedly struck with batons and shocked with a stun gun while lying on his back was combative and had attacked a man before his arrest. SENT: 235 words.

NATIONAL ZOO-PANDA — It’s a girl! The Smithsonian’s National Zoo announced Thursday that its 2-week-old giant panda cub is female and her father is National Zoo panda Tian Tian. SENT: 300 words. Photo.


GUT BACTERIA-OBESITY (HOLD FOR RELEASE, 3 p.m. EDT THURSDAY) — The right germs just might be able to help us fight fat. Different kinds of bacteria that live inside the gut can help spur obesity or protect against it, say scientists at Washington University who transplanted intestinal germs from fat or lean people into mice and watched as they changed. And what the rodents ate determined if the good germs could take hold and do their job. Thursday’s report raises the possibility of one day turning gut bacteria into personalized fat-fighting therapies — and may help explain why some people have a much harder time losing weight than others. UPCOMING: 750 words, HOLD FOR RELEASE, 3 p.m. EDT.

BIRTH RATES (HOLD FOR RELEASE, 12:01 a.m. EDT FRIDAY) — After falling four years in a row, U.S. births may finally be leveling off. That suggests that lately fewer couples are being scared away from childbirth by the weakened economy or other factors, some experts said. UPCOMING: HOLD FOR RELEASE, 12:01 a.m. EDT Friday; 500 words.

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES (HOLD FOR RELEASE, 1 p.m. EDT THURSDAY) — The first national study to gauge e-cigarette use in kids found that nearly 1.8 million have tried them, and the rate doubled in the past year. More kids still smoke traditional cigarettes than electronic ones, and it’s not clear how dangerous e-cigarettes are. But some health experts are worried. UPCOMING: HOLD FOR RELEASE, 1 p.m. EDT Thursday.


NASA MOONSHOT — NASA is headed back to the moon, this time to explore its thin atmosphere and rough dust. The robotic spacecraft LADEE is set to launch late Friday from Virginia’s Eastern Shore. UPCOMING: 450 words by 2 p.m., photos.

EXTREME WEATHER, HFR — A study of a dozen recent extreme weather events — like heat waves — says man-made global warming set the stage for about half of them to occur. The research comes from federal and British government experts. For release at 11 a.m.


DIGITAL LIFE-TECH TEST-SAMSUNG SMARTWATCH FIRST LOOK — Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, a new computing device worn like a wristwatch, is certain to pique much curiosity when it starts being worn in public. SENT: 1,200 words. Photos.


AUTOS-HIGH PRICES — U.S. car and truck prices hit a record average of $31,252 last month as businesses bought pickup trucks in droves and individual buyers loaded up cars with options. But that could soon change, automakers say, as the next wave of buyers replace older cars. UPCOMING: 700 words, photo by 3 p.m.



PEOPLE-JOHANSSON ENGAGED — Apparently love didn’t get lost in translation for Scarlett Johansson, who is engaged to a Frenchman and onetime journalist. SENT: 130 words. Photo.

NATIONAL BOOK AWARD — The book world is finally honoring Maya Angelou. The poet and author of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” will be this year’s recipient of the Literarian Award. SENT: 555 words. Photo.

NY FASHION WEEK-DAY — Previews of spring styles officially started Thursday at New York Fashion Week, but the crowd here always likes to get a jump on things, so the stylists, editors, retailers, models and celebrities were drawn to a slew of early events, including the Style Awards at the Lincoln Center tents that serve as a hub for the next eight days. UPCOMING: 350 words, photos by 11 a.m. Developing from shows throughout the day until about 6 p.m. Photos.


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