Syrians stock up ahead of possible military intervention by US, France

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Shops in Syria’s capital are filled with people stocking up on bread, canned food, candles and other necessities ahead of what are expected to be U.S. military strikes. But there appear to be no signs of panic or food shortages.

Some rebels are excitedly anticipating U.S.-led strikes, hoping the attacks will help them advance toward Damascus and change the course of the civil war.

Even among opponents of the regime, military intervention is unappealing to many in Damascus. A woman said that as a Syrian, she “cannot support a Western attack” on her country. She added that she’s so scared, she hasn’t slept in three days.

But one man said people in Damascus are “used to the sound of shelling.” He said he’s not afraid of an attack, adding that “death is the same — be it with a mortar or with an American missile.”

U.N. inspectors, meanwhile, have been at work again in the areas targeted by last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack. The U.N. said yesterday that the inspectors would wrap up their investigation today and leave Syria for the Netherlands tomorrow.

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