Amid crackdown, Egypt’s protesters shift tactics

CAIRO (AP) — Reeling from a fierce security crackdown, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is shifting its tactics.

Although tens of thousands of people heeded the Brotherhood’s nationwide call for a day of “decisiveness” on Friday, most of those protesting Egypt’s military coup congregated in scattered, small crowds.

The arrests of thousands of its supporters and members — and the fear of more bloodshed — have weakened the Brotherhood’s ability to mobilize in the streets.

The largest single Cairo demonstration on Friday was outside the presidential palace. More than 10,000 people turned out. A similar-sized rally took place outside the capital. However, the majority of protests were smaller than in the past, consisting of several hundred protesters or fewer around the country.

Security officials dub the shift in tactics the “butterfly plan” — a flurry of protests to distract them.

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