Federal cuts cost Kansas preschool spots

Teacher Margarita hernandez, second left, leads a group of preschoolers with an outdoor art project at a Head Start Program. (AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens)

TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) – The Kansas Head Start Association says more than 400 fewer children will be able to take part in Head Start programs in Kansas because of the recent mandatory federal budget cuts.

Before the federal budget cuts took effect earlier this year, Kansas Head Start programs had more than 9,000 slots for children from low-income families. The programs are designed to combat poverty by offering preschool education, improving early-childhood nutrition and well-being, and encouraging parental involvement.

The federal cuts took more than 5 percent from Head Start budgets this year. The Kansas Head Start Association says that leaves Kansas with 440 fewer Head Start and Early Head Start slots.

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