Orpheum signs management agreement with SMG

FILE: This photo shows the interior of the Orpheum Theatre.

WICHITA, Kansas – The Orpheum Theatre has announced that it has formally entered into a management agreement with SMG effective September 1, 2013.

The Orpheum says that they will continue to own the historic downtown theatre and oversee the activities that will transition to the management of SMG.

SMG will oversee the programming, marketing and operations of the theatre and all of its productions, rentals and community events.

The Orpheum says that local groups that have historically used the theatre will continue.

Some of these groups include Tallgrass Film Festival, Gridiron, Amira Dance, School of Rock and many others.

“SMG will improve the financial performance of the theatre, improve the quality and diversity of our programming, increase the number of performances and overall attendance, and will allow our staff to focus on community involvement and renovation of the theatre,” said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Orpheum Theatre, Harvey Sorensen.

SMG will soon hire a theatre director who will manage the facility and its SMG staff.

The director will be responsible for booking acts at the Orpheum Theatre.

The theatre will fund and keep its own operating budget.

In addition, the theatre will reimburse INTRUST Bank Arena for employees who will give support to the Orpheum.



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