160 quarantined after plague death in Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — The Kyrgyz Ministry of Health says four people have been hospitalized and 160 quarantined after a 15-year-old boy who ate marmot meat died of the bubonic plague last week.

Four residents in the boy’s village were hospitalized Wednesday after complaining of fever, though none had contact with the boy. A high fever is a common symptom of many diseases, such as the flu

The ministry says the boy told medics he spent the previous week camping in the mountains, where he had eaten barbecued marmot meat.

The Ministry of Health established a quarantine in parts of the mountainous northeast, but says there was no risk of an epidemic.

There are several thousand cases of bubonic plague every year worldwide and it’s usually linked to contact with infected animals.

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